About us

MOKAP interiors is a new brand born from the fusion of our companies, a tribute to Italian style, to design and the pleasure of creating.

The meeting point of our personal ways is the passion for our job, for travelling and for many shades of design: each new project is a challenge to make an ambient special and at the same time the opportunity to improve our professionalism.
Together we make available to our customers experience, expertise and creativity to realize unique spaces, personalized and customized ambient.
Our passion for interior design has no limits, and in recent years has led us to create also furniture for SPA, hotels, restaurants, yachts and private jet.
Our products meet the highest quality standards and are characterized by the combination of style and functionality typical of Made in Italy.

You can call us for renovations, restyling and ‘turn-key’ projects and together with you we’ll find the best solutions for the development of your ambient, so that you can get the most out of your space and live in an environment exclusively designed for you.

A single point of reference to realize your ideal home and follow all critical phases, from material selection to the assembly of furniture. We’ll drive you in the choice of colors for the walls, in the study of furnishing and to selection products from the best Italian brands. You’ll have competent persons able to guide you in every detail and a flexible team of professionals for bigger projects.

Our decades of experience’on the ground’ permit us to view the products in the space: usually we don’t work starting from the ideal project but from real space and better products. By combining our skills we can cover all the world of interiors, from design to the final realization, marrying colors, furnishings, accessories, lights and details. We can provide paintings and pieces of craftsmanship and design, often with the possibility of a total customization.


I love to lose myself in colours, materials and scents that involve all the senses, and I like to travel blending together experiences and visions of different cultures.

From the beginning of my career I’ve tried to express these emotions through my work and that’s why 10 years ago I started my Art Studio I Frutti del Fuoco, symbol of passion for art and creativity. Here I paint informal and material pictures on wood, reinventing traditional techniques and applying them to a personal contemporary design. I design tailor made furnishing and decorative glass accessories customized for clients and professionals looking for unique pieces, entirely made by hand. Eclectic artist and decorator, I design and make decorations for public buildings, private homes and boats all over the world.

My latest experiences in Belgium, Principality of Monaco, United States, Russia, Bahrain, Oman and Azerbaijan.


Born in Meda, in the heart of Brianza, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this artisanal craftwhich for decades brings the Made in Italy all over the world. I’ve grown up in the Italian district of design and custom furniture, and my roots are in the scent of wood and in the rhythms of traditional labs, but my free spirit has always brought me to travel the world in search of new ideas. For over 30 years I work on furnishing and interior design for private clients and contract, often taking part in exclusive projects offering the top quality of Italian design and finding best solutions for any kind of room. In 1995 I founded CREO Sas, my company, still active on the global market. At the base of my work are the passion for detail and the research of a balanced mix that harmonize furnishings with the ambient.

My latest works brought me in Belgium, Principality of Monaco, Saudi Arabia, USA, Israel, Malta, Singapore and Malaysia